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A Long Time Ago

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

“Ted Burns Hanging with a Black Bear after a good wrestle”

A long time ago and not far from here a small boy was born.  He was born with a fishing pole,  a full set of teeth, gumboots and a love for the great outdoors.  Ted Burns was six feet and 9 inches tall.  He could wrestle a  big ol bear for his supper, a good plate of fried chicken legs and steamed broccoli which of course is often a bear’s natural diet.

Salmon, Ted loved Salmon.  Not to eat of course. He watched Salmon grow from tiny little eggs to full grown fish.  He studied the Salmon and he raised them like they were his own flesh and blood.  He gave every Salmon its own name, just like a child.  If it was a female Salmon than it recieved a little girl’s name and if it was a male Salmon, well, it recieved a little boy’s name too.

“Ted Burns hugging an old friendly fish”

Everywhere Ted Burns travelled the Salmon all knew him.  They would let him stay at their little Salmon houses where he would help them raise their little ones.  The Salmon loved Ted Burns and Ted Burns loved the Salmon.  Ted Burns was the best man at nearly all of the Salmon weddings and many Salmon schools were named after him.

“Rare pic of Ted Burns hugging a White Tiger”

A Silly Salmon